Kildonan-St.Paul PPC President

About Martin Deck


Martin is 35 years old and a father of 2 kids. He has been with his spouse for over 11 years. Martin originally grew up in St. James Winnipeg and moved into Kildonan-St.Paul Federal riding in 2014

Professionally, Martin has held a number of different jobs. He holds a Bachelor of Science Majoring in Biochemistry and has worked in an agricultural testing lab. He holds a professional Class 1 A truck driver license with over 5 years cumulative experience. He is a certified Power Electrician formerly of Manitoba Hydro and has been involved in the electrical trade over 8.5 years. Currently Martin works as a Diesel Locomotive Mechanic with a national railway.


Martin loves playing tennis in the summer time, and outdoor pick-up hockey in the winter time. He is actively involved with his children’s sports activities.

Martin attended St. Paul’s High School, and was a graduate with Honours. He also actively participated in volunteer programs outside of high school. 

Martin represented the PPC in the 2019 Federal Election.

Martin believes in the founding principles of the People’s Party of Canada which are Individual Freedom, personal responsibility, fairness and respect. He feels Maxime Bernier is giving voice to many Canadians who have been silenced by political correctness, and that talking about these serious issues is the first step in the right direction for Canada. It is only by giving voice to Canadians who have not felt represented by other parties that we will become more united as a country. Martin hopes that by standing up for these principles others will recognise the benefits that the P.P.C. national platform offers to Canadians.